Bopp (plain and printed)


BOPP tapes are among the most widely used in the shipping and inventory management industries. They are known for their strong, secure seals and resistance to extreme temperatures.

BOPP film is commonly used in a variety of packaging applications; you can find it on anything from snack food packaging to soft drink labels.

There are many types of BOPP tapes:

(Clear – Yellowish – Golden)

Clear tape

Clear tape 35 Micron – Clear tape 36 Micron – Clear tape 38 Micron –

Clear tape 40 Micron – Clear tape 43 Micron – Clear tape 50 Micron.

Yellowish tape

Yellowish tape 35 micron – yellowish tape 36 micron –

yellowish tape 40 micron – yellowish tape 43 micron

yellowish tape 50 micron.

Golden tape

golden tape 35 micron.